Susana Montero, Managing Director La Unica Salon - 2016 De Lorenzo Novacolorist Winner | Creative and 1st Runner Up Editorial | 2nd Runner Up 2017

Sustainability is now synonymous with success for La Unica Salon.
WINNERS GREEN AWARD 2015 | 2016..!

La Unica Salon WINS De Lorenzo ASPYA, Fiji | Gold Coast Green Award, 2015 | 2016

De Lorenzo ASPYA, Fiji | Gold Coast |

La Unica Salon WINNERS of the Green Award demonstrating significant environmental achievements. Showing leadership by investing in time and effort into integrating sustainability principals and practices into our business activities and reducing the organisation's footprint.

The City Of Canada Bay Council
Sustainability Awards Finalist 2014 | 2016

Mayor Angelo Tsirekas and La Unica Salon City Of Canada Bay Council Sustainability Awards 2014

La Unica Salon are proud to announce we Finalists in the 2016 | 2014 Sustainability Awards which recognises economic, social and environmental sustainability achievements within our community. We are nominated in the Environmental Business category and a finalist.


Connect with Canada Bay Council Sustainability Awards 2014 event on Flickr ablumn 1 and Flickr ablumn 2 .

About resourcewise

Resourcewise is a Sustainable Business Program that helps local businesses reduce their environmental impact and build closer connections with the community. It also recognises and celebrates business's sustainability achievements.
La Unica Salon is accredited by the City of Canada Bay Council Resourcewise Program, Water Wise | Waste Wise | Community Wise | Energy Wise.

resourcewise | Canada Bay Council

Water Wise Accreditation

[Wednesday 12 March 2014]
LA UNICA SALON are proud to announce our water wise accreditation from the City of Canada Bay Council Resourcewise program.

"Waterwise will identify opportunities for your business to become more water efficient and will help find any hidden water leaks. Join the program and we will take a detailed look at your current practices and make recommendations to help start saving water and money right away."

Waste Wise Accreditation

[Tuesday 17 Dec 2013]
LA UNICA SALON are proud to announce our waste wise accreditation from the City of Canada Bay Council Resourcewise program.

"Wastewise recognises ‘waste’ from business as a potential resource. We will review your current waste practices with you and identify opportunities to ‘avoid, reduce, re-use and recycle’, reducing the volume of waste that your business send to landfill."

Community Wise Accreditation

[Wednesday 13 Nov 2013]
LA UNICA SALON are proud to announce our community wise accreditation from the City of Canada Bay Council Resourcewise program.

"Communitywise asks you to consider your business as part of the community, both locally and more broadly. There is a huge range of ways that your business can improve its social sustainability: From sustainable purchasing to charitable contributions to accessibility."

Energy Wise Accreditation

[Thursday 25 July 2013]
LA UNICA SALON are proud to announce our energy wise accreditation from the City of Canada Bay Council Resourcewise program.

"Energywise looks at working with businesses to reduce their energy usage and costs. This includes encouraging energy-saving behaviour and changing to more energy efficient equipment and lighting. The first step is to help you understand your current usage."

resourcewise | Canada Bay Council

Benefits To Our Salon Guests

  • Because LA UNICA SALON is a Green Salon, by working with us you are reducing your own carbon footprint.
  • If you practice being Carbon Neutral, you are practicing good carbon accounting by using LA UNICA SALON – you will be saving money!
  • By working with LA UNICA SALON you are supporting a sustainable future and playing a crucial role in the battle against climate change.
  • Since inception LA UNICA SALON uses LED and energy efficient lighting, helping reduce our total energy output.

Our Environmental Policy

Download our Environmental Management Policy

Because We Care About Our Environment ~ Sustainable Salon

LA UNICA SALON true to its mission, is an environmentally Green and Sustainable Salon. As the pollies and mining companies in Canberra harp on about carbon pricing and mining taxes, LA UNICA SALON is doing something real.

Refoil For Colourists Who Care

Refoil - La Unica Salon proudly supports recycled and recyclable salon foil

We are a Refoil Salon ~ Dare to Care..!

Not only do we save on our footprint by using refoil. We also recycle all of our used refoil sheets. La Unica Salon saves the planet massive amounts of energy, water and carbon emissions and diverts all its foil waste from landfill.


No Foil In Our Soil...!

LA UNICA SALON have implemented a recycling campaign for all our foil, colour tubes and aluminium cans to be recycled. All our proceeds from recycling our aluminium will be donated to charity. No Foil In Our Soil...!

No Foil In Our Soil RECYCLE

Did You Know Facts..?

“Aluminium is the world’s easiest and fastest material to recycle. It can be recycled over and over again without loss of properties!”

Recycling aluminium takes only 5% of the energy needed to produce regular aluminium”

“For every recycled full head of foils a salon can save the energy needed to run a 100-watt light bulb for 20 hours; a computer for 3 hours; or a TV for 2 hours”

“Aluminium is 100% recyclable and the only thing preventing this is incorrect disposal”

More information on foil recycling visit Refoil.

Message from "Bix" La Unica Salon Mascot and Environmental Ambassador

"LA UNICA SALON have diverted 360 kilos of aluminum foil from land fill which has been sent for 100% recycling."

Recycling Partner

LA UNICA SALON are proud to be associated with St George Scrap Metal recycyling.

Aluminium Foil Parnter

LA UNICA SALON prefer to use Refoil for all our aluminium foil.


*Conditions apply see our amazing range of styling items instore for more details or talk to us 02 9713 9010.

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Thinking Sustainability

La Unica Salon is featured in the Australian Hairdressing Council (AHC) educational video. This sustainability video is used as a training video in schools, TAFE's, hair product companies in Australia and international hair salons world wide.

Sustainable Salons Australia SSA La Unica Salon

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