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Showpony Professional Skin Weft, Clip In and Tape Hair Extensions

Beautiful World Class Showpony Professional Hair Extensions at La Unica Salon offering brilliant quality 100% human hair.
Look stunning with thick, flowing hair extensions, add instant length, volume and highlights.
The best and most affordable hair extensions in Sydney, Drummoyne and Russell Lea…

From the Ordinary… to the Extraordinary..!

Discover Showpony Professional Tape Hair Extensions ~ Sydney's Premiere Salon In Hair Extensions

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Tape Hair Extensions are available in 14" and 20", La Unica Salon can customise your needs with the lengths you require.

All Showpony Professional Skin Weft and Tape Hair Extensions are 100% Remy Human Hair manufactured to the highest quality standards that is always silky smooth and tangle free and are reusable. Tape hair extensions are a blend of remy hair, 80% Indian and 20% European. Available in a large range of colours.

Showpony Professional Skin Weft and Tape Hair Extensions come ready to apply using ultra thin PU bond. The hair sits flat to the head and can be used even on thin hair, safe to use causing no damage to the natural hair.

At La Unica Salon offer the best and most affordable hair extensions in Sydney, Drummoyne and Russell Lea. All our work is guaranteed and offer the highest customer satisfaction.

Showpony Tape and Clip In Hair Extensions Price Guide ^Tapes are applied in pairs.

Tape Removal and Re Apply From $170
1/4 Head Tape Hair Extensions 5 Pairs From $158
1/3 Head Tape Hair Extensions 10 Pairs From $315
1/2 Head Tape Hair Extensions 15 Pairs From $472
Full Head Tape Hair Extensions 25 Pairs From $787
Clip In Hair Extensions and Installation From $175
Pony Tail Clip In Hair Extensions and Installation From $130

Make an appointment for a free colour match or to try our beautiful range of Showpony Hair Extensions, contact us today by appointment only.
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20" Showpony Professional Skin Weft Hair Extension

Skin Weft Hair Extensions, the new quick and easy, non bulky application for permanent hair extensions. Each 4cm piece is pre taped and the hair is individually sewn into the hair extension. Price on application.

Showpony Hair Extensions Care Pack

Showpony Hair Extension Care Pack

Showpony Hair Extension Care Pack consists of Sulphate Free Shampoo, Conditioner and Luminous Mist.

Special Offer :: All new sets of Tape Hair Extensions receive a Showpony Hair Extension Care Pack valued at $75.00

Showpony Clip In Hair Extensions Types

Clip In Heat Resistant Hair Extensions ::
Showpony Heat Resistant Hair Extensions are made of the highest quality heat resistant Synthetic Fibre and can be flat ironed or curled to approximately 180 degrees.

Clip In Human Hair Extensions ::
Showpony Clip In Human Remy A+ Hair Extensions are made of the finest quality Human Remy A+ Hair. Available in 18" and ^20" Length Style Code 701.

Showpony Professional Quality Guaranteed
"Showpony Professional is an Australian company specialising in new hair technologies, hair care and selected accessories. Our goal is to introduce top quality, innovative technologies and personal care products at affordable prices. In order to do so, Showpony Professional relies on established success and expertise combined with research, product development and listening to the ever-changing voice of the consumer marketplace."

What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is one of the best hair extensions you can use as it is made from human hair. If you want a natural look, remy hair is the best way to achieve it. The remy hair is also called virgin hair, raw hair, or cuticle hair.

Remy Hair Collection Process

Remy hair is collected from hair donors that have never had their hair processed, which means it only comes from hair that has never had a permanent wave or colour treated. Typically, human donated hair used for extensions undergo a process to have the cuticles stripped in acid, and silicone is attached to the stripped cuticles, which gives the hair a very shiny appearance. However, with remy hair the cuticle is not stripped and therefore, it looks very natural.

Hair Maintenance

Showpony Professional Tape Hair Extensions maintenance guide is 6 weeks this keeps your natural hair and extensions looking great and your natural hair healthy. LA UNICA SALON also washes and treats your hair extensions before they are reapplied.


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Caring For Your Hair Extensions

    Brushing Your Hair Extensions ~ CARE TIPS CLICK HERE

Brushing Showpony Hair Extensions

La Unica Salon has large range of brushes that best suits your needs.

Highly recommended the NO TANGLE Brush, Shine Brush and The Wet Brush™ – these brushes feature IntelliFlex™ bristles to ensure no matting at the roots. Soft bristles de tangle hair with ease.

Brush firmly (ensuring that the nylon part of the brush goes through to the scalp) over the top of the hair extensions. Hold the hair firmly at the base while brushing ends.


Bed Time

It is recommended that hair is plaited into 2 plaits for sleeping – this prevents matting in the roots. Plaiting the hair and sleeping on a satin pillowcase also prevents mid-lengths and ends from tangling and becoming roughed up and will prolong the life of the extensions.

Never go to bed with wet hair.

    Washing and Conditioning Hair ~ CARE TIPS CLICK HERE

Washing and Conditioning Hair

It is recommended that hair is plaited into 2 plaits for washing hair. This is important as hair stretches when wet and it will help reduce stress on your hair and scalp.

We recommend Showpony Hair Extension Care Range, De Lorenzo and NAK these can be applied running straight down over the plaits. Use only Sulphate Free Shampoo and Conditioner products.

Apply a de-tangler or leave-in conditioner and comb hair with a wide toothed comb (never brush or tie up wet hair) before drying.

    Treatments ~ CARE TIPS CLICK HERE


Intensive moisture treatments or masks used regularly are fantastic for prolonging the condition and life of hair extensions, as hair extensions can become dry due to natural oils from the scalp not travelling down mid-lengths and ends.

Never use alcohol based hair products on hair extensions (these products weaken the tape bond)

    Salon Professional ~ CARE TIPS CLICK HERE

La Unica Salon has large range of brushes that best suits your needs.


It is important to return regularly 4-6 weeks to La Unica Salon for your hair extensions to be retaped. This ensures no damage to your natural hair is caused.

    Water Sports ~ CARE TIPS CLICK HERE

Water Sports

Swimming in chlorinated or salt water is never a good idea for hair extension wearers. If water cannot be avoided it is vital that you tightly plait your hair prior to swimming and immediately rinse hair after.

A moisture intensive hair care plan (frequent salon treatments) would also be a good idea.

A swimming cap would also be beneficial.

*It is also important to understand what to expect from new hair extensions – possible initial discomfort, extra time to wash and dry hair, and returning to the salon for maintenance and the costs involved.

    Weft and Tape Hair Extension Hair Care Instructions ~ CARE TIPS CLICK HERE

Showpony Skin Weft & Tape Hair Extensions Do's and Don'ts

Download Weft and Tape Hair Extension Hair Care Instructions PDF 1.04mb

Please ensure your hair is washed thoroughly with a deep cleansing shampoo PRIOR to Skin Weft/Tape being fitted and that all hair is 100% dried before placement.

DO NOT APPLY ANY COLOUR to the hair three days prior to placement as there may be colour residue left on the hair and swelling of the cuticle may occur. This can affect the adhesion of the Tape/ Skin Weft hair extensions.

DO NOT APPLY ANY KERATIN TREATMENTS or oil based products to the hair while the hair extensions are in as this will cause slipping.

DO NOT TO SHAMPOO OR CONDITION hair 72 hours after having their Showpony Skin Weft or
Tape Hair Extensions applied, as this may cause loosening.

DO NOT EXERCISE: It is not recommended to participate in any form of exercise within the initial 72 hours of hair placement as moisture from the scalp may affect the adhesion of the Tape/Skin Wefts.

We recommend using a Showpony Detangler to Brush Skin Weft/Tape Hair Extensions and to always brush hair gently prior to washing.

While Skin Wefts/Tapes are in the hair, emulsify Shampoo in hands, gently wipe over the top of the tapes. Do not massage into hair.

DO NOT APPLY CONDITIONER to the Roots of Skin Weft/Tape area, only to lengths and ends. Towel dry (Do not Rub or twist).

DO NOT USE hairspray, conditioner, Argan or Moroccan oils or products containing citrus near the root area while Skin Weft or Tape Hair Extensions are in the hair, as this can increase the chance of slipping or movement of the hair extensions.

SULPHATE FREE shampoo is to be the only product to be applied to the roots.

DO NOT USE shampoo or products containing Argan or Moroccan Oil, Protein, Citrus, High alcohol content, Keratin Treatments, or Lauryl Sulphate as this increases the chances of slippage or movement of your hair extensions. This also includes any medicated or toning shampoos, as these may affect the adhesives of the tapes causing them to slip and

Showpony advise NOT TO COLOUR any Tape/Skin Weft or Clip in Hair Extensions. If you choose to do this, then you will be doing so at your own risk. No more than a 3% developer should be used. Furthermore extreme care should be taken not get colour or water near the tapes when rinsing, as this can affect tape adhesion. You may need to retape before application.

When blow drying the hair never use high heat as this will make the hair dry and dull and may affect the adhesive of the tapes causing them to go gluggy. While using hair straighteners, curling irons or blow dryers, avoid the tape strip areas.

DO NOT SLEEP on wet or damp hair, and to loosely plait the hair when sleeping.

Refit & Move up is recommended every 6 weeks to ensure the safest Hair Extension wear.

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